Dry Eye and Red Eye Treatment Clinics

Dry Eye and Red Eye Treatment Clinics at Croft and Graves Corbridge

Dry Eye Management

If you have dry eyes then you will benefit from our Dry Eye Clinic

What is Dry Eye?

The function of tears is to keep the surface of the eye lubricated and wet, and this is done each time you blink. A shortage of tears or reduction in quality can leave the front of the eye exposed to the air and drying occurs.

Dry Eye is a chronic eye problem. Once you have Dry Eye, the condition cannot be “cured”, however, with the correct treatment, the symptoms of Dry Eye can be confidently treated and managed.

We are able to access the severity of your condition, diagnose the root cause and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. You will be seen by our optometrist Nick Croft, who has a specialist independent prescribing qualification. This means that medications normally only available through the Hospital Eye Service, can be prescribed to you, should you require it.

This is a specialist dry eye service and not covered by the NHS



The symptoms of dry eye may include the following:
• Dryness
• Burning or stinging
• Gritty feeling
• A sensation of something in the eye
• Irritation with wind or smoke
• Blurred or smeary vision
• Tired and/or red eyes
• Excessive watering
• Contact lens discomfort

Causes of Dry Eye

There are many causes of dry eye including the following:
• Ageing
• Hormonal changes
• General Health problems
• Certain types of medication
• Blepharitis
• Dry environment and pollution
• Computer use
• Contact lens wear
• LASIK surgery


Blepharitis is one of the most common causes of dry eye, where the edges of the eyelids become inflamed (red and swollen). It is a common condition and can develop at any age, but is more common in people over 40.

Signs of blepharitis can include:
• Itchy and sore eyelids
• Eyelids that stick together and are difficult to open, particularly when you wake up
• Eyelashes that become crusty or greasy

Blepharitis is usually a long-term condition. Most people experience repeated episodes, separated by periods without symptoms.

Treatment involves eyelid hygiene and warm compresses. More severe cases may require antibiotics which we can prescribe that are either applied to the eye or eyelid directly, or taken as tablets.

How is dry eye treated?

There are many different ways we can help treat people with dry eyes. In some cases symptoms can be relieved by simple environmental changes such as avoidance of air conditioning or taking regular breaks away from computer screens.

As dry eye syndrome is caused by an imbalance of tears on the eye’s surface, the most logical way to treat the problem is to artificially replace the tears and by doing so improve both the quality and quantity. There are a variety of artificial tears available and you will be advised the best option for your problem as part of the treatment programme.

We also investigate the underlying causes of your dry eye and can prescribe treatments and medication to help with these.

Dry eye clinic

We have set up our dry eye clinic to help you manage your symptoms better.
At your first appointment we identify the cause of your dry eyes, recommend a treatment regime and arrange follow up appointments where necessary. This first appointment will last about 30 minutes. The cost of this assessment is £60 and each follow up appointment will cost £40. The first follow up appointment will usually be 3-4 weeks after the prescribed treatment regime. Many patients will only require two appointments to be able to manage and control the condition themselves.

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