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Good eyesight is therefore vital, and especially for our children. Regular eye exams are especially vital for babies, toddlers and young children since their eyes are undergoing a great deal of development when they’re young. That’s why it is never too early to have your child or baby visit a qualified optometrist. Even if they are too young to read, optometrists can use a variety of tests to understand your child’s overall health and vision.
Many childhood eye conditions, such as lazy eye and squint, can be treated if they are picked up early – as the eye and visual system are actively developing during the early years and at school age. The sooner that vision problems are detected – the better the outcome. If vision problems are identified and treated, it can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Children’s glasses ARE different…

Children aren’t adults in miniature, so why should their spectacles be?

Kids these days want to look cool in their glasses, and are very aware of the latest styles and trends. However, children are not simply adults in miniature, and children’s spectacle frames should not simply be scaled down versions of adult styles.

Children have different facial characteristics (grown up noses and cheeks are proportioned differently) that are constantly changing as the child grows, they also have different practical needs due to their more active lifestyles.

At Croft and Graves Optometrists, there is a good selection of children’s frames which have been carefully selected with special features, designed for young faces, such as:

By law in the UK, children must have their spectacles dispensed by a qualified Optometrist or Dispensing Optician, who is registered with the General Optical Council.

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  • A variety of tests are used to ensure that your child is getting the best vision
  • Colour deficiency testing
  • Your children will feel at ease in our relaxed and friendly environment
  • Our experts can reassure and advise
  • We have a wide range of NHS and designer children’s frames in stock, should your child need them
  • Our children’s sunglasses are UV protected, so they can enjoy fun in the sun
  • We offer regular family appointments
  • Convenient appointments after school or Saturdays


• Spring hinges – that help keep the frame in its correct shape, and gives the sides more flexibility when taking frames on and off
• Adjustable nose pads – which allow for more accurate fitting around the bridge of the nose so frames sit a little higher

Colour Vision Deficiency testing.

Colour vision deficiency is usually a genetic disorder. It affects 8% of boys and 0.5% of girls in the UK. Sometimes mild colour vision deficiencies may go undetected. It is very important to identify colour vision deficiency early because a child’s learning experience relies heavily on the use of colour.

For example, a child who has inherited the condition may be unaware that they have a problem distinguishing between different colours. Our babies and toddlers are stimulated with toys designed using primary colours and in the modern classroom where our children’s learning is interactive – tablets, smart boards and so on, a lot of their learning and interaction relies on being able to detect colour.

A child may have difficulty naming colours or you may struggle to read a coloured map or document. For example, reds, oranges, yellows, browns and greens may all appear to be a similar colour to someone with colour vision deficiency.

Colour vision deficiency of all children is checked in the practice at the earliest opportunity.

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How does a child know that this is not normal.
Poor eyesight can have a significant effect on children’s ability to learn and on their behaviour. It is important to remember that the way in which children view their world is “normal” to them, so having blurred vision for example, won’t seem strange or unusual and may not be aware of, or may not be able to explain their vision difficulties and a parent or teacher may not notice any problems.

Did you know

• One in five children suffers from an undetected eye problem. Research shows that the early detection of eye abnormalities in children can prevent eye problems, such as lazy eyes developing in the future. We recommend that all children have their eyes examined from the age of three or earlier if a problem is suspected.

• Over 90% of children visit a dentist regularly, whilst only 53% have ever had a sight test

• Sight tests are free for all children under the age of 16. Help towards the cost of glasses, should your child need it, is also available on the NHS for all children.

• Signs of children’s sight problems include: difficulty concentrating, behavioural problems, headaches, sitting too close to the television, rubbing their eyes a lot.

• In bright and sunny conditions it is vital for children to wear eye protection in the form of sunglasses, but don’t be fooled by cloudy days either, as cloud cover does not offer a barrier to UV and damaging rays can still filter through.

• It is a little known fact that 80% of our cumulative lifetime exposure to UV rays will happen before the age of 18.

At Croft and Graves we stock a range of children’s sunglasses, all of which have 100% UV protection.

Eye protection for young children.
Children generally spend much more time outdoors than adults. In fact, experts suggest nearly 50 percent (or more) of our lifetime exposure to UV rays may occur by age 18, given that many children spend significantly more time outdoors than the average adult. Therefore, make sure your children’s eyes are protected from the sun with good quality sunglasses. Children who wear spectacles all of the time will benefit from a second pair of prescription sunglasses, suitably tinted to further reduce UV exposure.

At Croft and Graves we stock a range of children’s sunglasses, all of which have 100% UV protection.

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