Contact Lenses

New lens designs and materials make contact lenses more comfortable and safer than ever before.

They offer greater freedom and flexibility, for example, when playing sport, and allow a wider field of view than glasses.

Contact lenses are also ideal if you just want to wear them on special occasions. Whether you have an astigmatism, wear glasses or a child or adult playing sport, you can discover the freedom and comfort contact lenses give you. At Croft and Graves we will work with you to ensure you get comfort and great vision.

As contact lens experts, we fit all types of lenses, and are not tied to any manufacturer. This means you get fitted with the most appropriate lens for your eyes, and to suit your lifestyle, chosen for quality and value.

Our optometrists have on average over 20 years experience of fitting contact lenses and we aim to ensure that you always see the same person for your follow up appointments.

Who can wear contact lenses?

• Suitable for most prescriptions
• Children and adults – including those that play sport
• If you are long or short sighted
• Wear varifocals
• Have an astigmatism

Often people who have had problems and have stopped wearing contact lenses in the past, or have been told that their eyes are not suitable for contact lenses, can be fitted with newer contact lens designs and materials.

Air Optix Family II

Contact lens care plan

Our Contact Lens Aftercare plan is designed to/ give you quality contact lenses that suit your needs, as well as regular monitoring of the health of your eyes. With the Aftercare plan, you get great value in spreading the cost of your eye care, all on a monthly direct debit scheme.

The plan includes:

• All contact lens after care appointments free of charge (£49 for contact lens check ups, usually 6 monthly.)
• Free emergency / unscheduled visits
• 20% discounts on glasses and sunglasses
• 10% discounts on solutions

Why do I need aftercare?

We work closely with you to ensure that you get the best out of your eyes and lenses. It is important that you have routine aftercare to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that your contact lenses are still the best for you. Regular checkups allows us to make the latest lens design available to you.


If you are thinking of contact lenses and wondering if you are suitable, take the next step and ask for a free contact lens trial.

Give us a call on 01434 632 289
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or request an appointment via the form below.

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What to expect?

You will have a contact lens assessment. This will involve examining your eyes to check their health and suitability for contact lenses.

We will assess your lifestyle and determine how often you want to wear your lenses. This information will allow us to choose the most suitable contact lens for you.

You will be given some trial lenses to use. Because you need to best comfort, fit and vision, you may need to try a few, different types of lenses from different manufacturers, and you may require additional appointments all at no charge.


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