Don’t let itchy eyes ruin your summer


At last a hint of summer after the never ending winter we had!

Unfortunately this means for some of us itchy/scratchy eyes because hay fever is here. This often means time to start the antihistamines and pop to the chemist to buy some drops.

Traditional eyedrops are usually  a drug called Sodium Cromoglycate, they can take up several days to take effect and involve putting in 4 times a day.

Fortunately medicine moves forwards and there are now newer medications available which are faster acting and only involve 2 drops per day, so one in the morning and one at night and no need to keep carrying drops with you.

These newer medications are only available on prescription. Fortunately at Croft and Graves our principal optometrist Nick Croft has a special independent prescribing qualification which allows him to prescribe these newer drops. All you need to do is make an appointment with Nick and he will examine your eyes and prescribe any necessary drops or medication.

Call to book an appointment with Nick 01434 632289