How to support your local businesses

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Don’t be scared off by the headlines, the high street is NOT dying! You just have to look around Corbridge at the brilliant vibrant businesses we have and the strong sense of community around every corner. We are so lucky to live (and shop) here, so let’s choose to use it and we won’t lose it.

Here are some ideas of how you can support local businesses, some of which won’t even require you to spend a penny!

/Check online in a local area search

Don’t always presume for something specialist you have to travel far and wide. Use Google Search on your smart phones to bring up items and services that you may just have one your doorstep.

/Take the time to browse

There are some real hidden gems to be found when you shop local. When did you really take some time to look around your local shops? They often have unique or one-off goods that you didn’t know existed. The joy of picking something up and looking at it instead of on a screen is not to be underestimated! You can’t ever see something the same way on an Internet search, as you can in real life.

/Share and share and share

Sharing is caring! Even the smallest online interaction can make a big difference to small business. Check in when you visit using the Facebook function, give us a tag or a mention on Instagram and Twitter if you’re passing by, and best of all give us an online recommendation. Not only do they spread the word to your friends, some social media algorithms mean we get seen by a much wider audience who didn’t know about us before.