Serengeti Technology


Serengeti Technology – Here are just 3 of the reasons why Serengeti make the world look like a better place:-

PHOTOCHROMIC TECHNOLOGY – Serengeti is a pioneer in the development of photochromic technology. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, Photochromic technology allows your eyes to adapt to any light,anywhere. The result is a view of the world so crystal clear, you’ll notice natural beauty you’ve never seen before. This technology is molecularly infused into every Serengeti lens.

SPECTRAL CONTROL® TECHNOLOGY – Spectral Control® technology removes wavelengths to give better saturation of what we need to see. Much like an audio equalizer filters sound frequency, our lens fine tunes and filters shortwave blue light, allowing more red,green, and yellow to pass through. Landscapes that would be washed out, dull, or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid. Traffic signs and signals appear more distinguishable — while your eyes remain relaxed.

POLARIZING TECHNOLOGY – Serengeti’s Polarizing technology suppresses glare,allowing to enjoy all the depth and beauty the world has to offer. When glare reflects off the road, water,snow or flat areas, parallel light rays can pass through unhindered, while distracting perpendicular light is reflected. This allows you to discover more clarity, while living free from glare and eye fatigue.Some of our products feature non-polarized lens options, ideal for pilots or professionals with digital instrument panels.

Available from Croft & Graves.