Sports Eyewear for Kids


In all impact sports there is the potential for injury, and eyes are particularly vulnerable. Children tend to be more fearless than adults and lack the experience to anticipate and deal with hazardous situations. For all children, particularly those who need to wear their spectacles for sports, there is increasing awareness of the need for protection.

Recent research suggests that of all the sports related eye injuries presenting at hospital, 90% could have been prevented by wearing appropriate protective eyewear.

Fortunately, these days, due to many high profile sports personalities wearing goggles, sports eyewear is often considered as much for its fashion appeal as for its protective properties.

At Croft and Graves we supply a wide range of sports eyewear, all of which are available with or without prescription lenses made from impact resistant materials. There are different types for different sports and a wide variety of colours and sizes to choose from.