Why childrens’ sunglasses matter

children sunglasses

We all know about the dangers of sun and UV light in relation to skin cancer. But what about the damage to our eyes?

Exposure to UV light can lead to the development of age related cataract. The eyelids can be a common site for skin cancer and of course can also cause premature aging of the skin including wrinkles. So this is why we need to wear sunglasses outside.

No here is the really frightening statistic.  80% of our cumulative lifetime exposure to UV rays will happen before the age of 18. So most of the damage is being done in our childhood.

That’s why it is really important that children wear sunglasses outside in the sunny weather. Children’s sunglasses need to be comfortable and well fitting, as well as offering full UV protection.

We have a selection of sunglasses from £25 for Kids, Cebe from £45 and RayBans £75 and some are available in prescription.

Nick Croft

BSc(hons)  MCOptom Dip Tp(IP)